A range of precision engineered flexographic proofing presses which can use all production parameters such as inks, plates, anilox cylinders and the actual press substrate to print a production quality, in-register, multicolour proof.

  • The machines are used by both printing companies and plate making service houses as the proof can be used for customer approvals and not just for checking plate quality, separations, text and register. A machine such as this can also be used for in-house development work and for staff training purposes.
  • Machines can be used in conjunction with any type of inks such as water based and solvent based. A UV drying system is required if UV inks are used. The complete range of commonly used substrates can be printed onto such as label stock, thin P.E. films, B.O.P.P. films and carton board.
  • The machines are custom specified for each individual application. The larger format machines can be built using a 7 axis servo system or with a bull gear and proofing gear system. Typically sleeves would be used for both anilox and print forms but machines can also be built to handle cylinder formats. The narrow web machine for the Label and Carton industry has a gear drive and again can be built to handle cylinders or sleeves.
  • The machines are fitted with a video system to suit the application - single high magnification for re-registering pre-mounted sleeves, single camera pair for one plate across and multiple camera pairs for multiple plates.
  • Impression setting system depends on the particular machine specification. The servo machine uses a servo motor and ball screw system. The wide format geared unit uses a manual screw system and hydraulics against hard stops and the narrow format machine uses manual screws and air cylinders. In all cases impression is measured and controlled by precision measuring systems accurate to 10 microns or better.
  • The proofing drum carrying the substrate is stainless steel ground to CI drum tolerances. Variable drum diameter offers proofing lengths of 1.5m up to 5 meters. Tensioning bars across the drum ensure that the substrate is correctly tensioned prior to proofing.
  • Wash off drive systems are fitted for anilox cleaning and ink suction systems are available as an option for removing excess ink from the doctor blade nip at the end of the proofing cycle.
  • Pre-inking systems are available for water-based and UV ink applications to improve ink density on the first repeat and maximise the number of proofs available per print cycle.
  • Register control not he servo machine is electronic. Register control on the geared machines is mechanical.