While mechanically, with regular service, our mounters function as new for decades your original Heaford video system (12" or 14" CRT, analogue controller, old cameras) will deteriorate. The system loses contrast and the microdots, or other register marks, become difficult to distinguish from the plate background.


  • Upgrade your obsolete CRT monitor to a LCD 17" or 19" Flat Screen
  • Upgrade your two camera controller to a simple modified analogue unit like you have now (target cross or enhanced with target cross and adjustable sized circle) or
  • Upgrade your two or multi camera controller to our new PC Vision System which will bring a range of previously unavailable features to aid your operators.
  • Both of these new units connect to the existing camera cables and cameras, although there are further upgrades available for cables and cameras.

New Cameras:

  • If you are using a machine with Pulnix cameras (now over 10 years old and obsolete) the CCD chip will have aged with image quality deterioration. Our new cameras have automatic gain control and electronic shutter and produce a better image from the start.

Through the Lens Lighting (TTL):

  • Since 2008 we have been supplying machines fitted with TTL. A red LED light is projected onto the focus point of the lens to create a target circle of light on the cylinder or sleeve. This aids pre-positioning of the plate and illuminates the microdots or other register mark for better visibility and contrast. It involves replacing the camera tube and cable. It works with all our camera types except Pulnix.