A large format Pre Print flexographic plate mounting machine for very simple, accurate and quick mounting of flexo plates onto Pre Print Corrugated cylinders.

  • The machines are highly engineered to be able to repeatedly hold large pre-print cylinders and the latest generation machines features servo drive technology and HMI Touch Screen technology.
  • The precision frame design utilising either multiple high magnification video cameras or twin camera servo drive cameras is intended for single or multiple plate configurations which are mounted with total accuracy eliminating on press register issues and increasing print quality. Using multiple cameras allows for easy plate stepping and with wide plates ensures the central area can be checked for mounting accuracy. With multi camera systems the cameras can either be set up with a digital measuring system or with the optional servo driven setting system.
  • Proofing machine configurations utilise 3 axis servo drives which control the plate cylinder, the proofing drum and the impression system. Paste ink is rolled onto the plates and proofing paper is affixed to the proofing drum, the proof is then printed automatically and built up with the addition of each individual colour. The resultant high quality proof can be used for checking plate printability, registration and box layout position. A non proofing model is also available.
  • Multiple high magnification (100x) video camera configurations or twin computer controlled camera systems
  • High resolution video monitors with microdot and cross references for mounting with microdots or standard register crosses
  • Standard camera configurations are 8 or 12 for 4 or 6 plates across but machines can be set up to customer requirements
  • Servo drive technology to the plate cylinder as standard offering high accuracy plate indexing and "zero" mounting positions
  • The machine is equipped with a modem for remote diagnostics and software updates
  • Simple to operate HMI Touch Screen technology with comprehensive job storage facilities