A range of flexographic microdot plate mounter proofers to suit every potential size and print form combination - sleeves only, cylinders or cylinders and sleeves.

  • The machines are designed to be easy to use, fast in operation and extremely accurate in both mounting and in proofing.
  • At the top of the range a 4 axis sleeve dedicated servo unit with state of the art motion control (linear motors to position the cameras) complete with rear plate support table, plate application roller and semi automatic operation provides an excellent solution to the mounting requirements of today's quick change presses.
  • The use of smaller diameter air shafts and aluminium step up adaptors enables this sleeve dedicated unit to easily be configured for different presses and allows the servo drive unit to remain coupled at all times.
  • Gearless proofing is an integral art of the sleeve dedicated unit with automatic engagement and automatic impression control based on the parameters input by the machine operator.
  • A geared proofing system has been retained for the cylinder and cylinder type air mandrel mounter proofer. Experience has shown that the geared system is easier to use, faster and more accurate for this configuration.
  • In situations where moving cameras are not desired or required we will offer manually positioned camera systems - a single pair for one plate or multiple pairs for multiple plates. A hand operated digital linear measuring system can be used in conjunction with the cameras.
  • All machines are equipped with an enhanced digital vision system, 100X magnification cameras and 27” touch screen monitor.
  • A range of options are available for the different models. The machines are constructed to exacting standards with high strength frames and top quality components from suppliers such as Siemens, Bosch, Rexroth and Festo. The machines with motion control systems are fitted with digital Ethernet modems for remote management and update when required.