The video mounting and proofing machines utilise the same high accuracy video mounting techniques as the Heaford narrow web mounting units but with the addition of an impression system allowing the production of a “paste ink” proof. This enables the printer to check registration, text and general plate prinatbility before the cylinders or sleeves reach the production press and thus optimising press time. If a proof is not required then the machine can be used for precise plate mounting only.

  • Fully adjustable left hand cylinder support and presicion. Quick change plug adaptors allow the machine to easily and quickly support and combination of different cylinders.
  • Pneumatic operation to print cylinder supports for quick and safe cylinder loading, repeatable alignment and sidelay accuracy.
  • Circumferential locking device to prevent cylinder rotation when plate mounting and also for pre-register requirements.
  • Heavy duty CNC machined aluminium frame with wear bushes in critical moving parts. Holes in the frame are provided for secure fixing to table or bench top.
  • 850mm circumference proofing drum moving to the impression position on presicion linear bearings.
  • Two 50x magnification colour digital inspection cameras for mounting one plate across. Each camera has a high intensity LED illuminator which generates a spot of light onto the sleeve/cylinder to enable rapid positioning of the plate and illumination of the plate register marks.
  • Industrial grade fan-less computer, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 4 USB ports, operating temperature -20 Degrees Celcius to 70 Degrees Celcius at 100% CPU loading.
  • A 21.5" screen with mouse displaying both camera images on a single screen.