JM Heaford supply and manufacture a variety of units specially designed to facilitate the easy and safe mounting and de-mounting of print sleeves onto or off air cylinders. Machines can be supplied for fixing to the floor or as portable units which can be used in both the mounting department or easily transported to the printing press for localised sleeve changing.

The robust frame designs and attention to the area of support and clamping of the cylinder ensures that under normal operating parameters, the critical cylinder journals will not be damaged. The machines can also be designed to be universal and thus will accept a variety of cylinders.

Air cylinders are either cantilevered after being supported at one end or supported at both ends during the sleeve changing process, the method employed depends on the exact cylinder type, design and weight. Air supply is wither automatic or manual depending on the required level of sophiistication.


Double Ended, Trolley and Combination Preparation Units

  • Portable or fixed platform
  • Safe and rigid support of air cylinders
  • Simple and quick in operation
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Versatile configurations to allow for a variety of cylinder types
  • Proven design with excellent reliability