A flexographic plate mounting machine for very simple, accurate and quick mounting of flexo plates onto integral shafted plate cylinders or sleeves, which can be changed on an integral air cylinder in the mounting machine. This type of mounting system can be used for either geared or gearless type presses.

  • Precision frame design utilising multiple high magnification cameras is intended for single or multiple plate configurations which are mounted with total accuracy eliminating on press register issues and increasing print quality. Using multiple cameras allows easy plate stepping and with wide plates ensures the central area can be checked for mounting accuracy.
  • Other unique features include a combined sidelay and precision indexing adaptor which locks onto the bearing journal of each cylinder and designed to each individual customer's requirement. The cylinder is repeatedly supported in the exact position for side register, alignment and indexing.
  • High magnification (up to 140 x) video cameras
  • Economy configuration is 4 cameras for up to 2 plates across which can be downgraded if required
  • Rigid frame design of machine
  • Single split screen monitor with microdot and cross references
  • Pneumatic circumferential indexing for plate stepping
  • High precision machine components